Cevap Anahtarı - Answer Key


  • I bought fish to cook.
  • I always have a book in my bag to read.
  • I wake up at six o'clock everyday to go to work.
  • I am taking a shower to be clean.
  • You should have a licence to drive a car.
  • You should listen to understand people.
  • I live to enjoy.


  1. When I came home yesterday, my cat was sleeping.  (Eve geldiğimde, kedim uyuyordu.)
  2. While I was having breakfast, they were reading book. (Ben kahvaltı ederken, onlar kitap okuyordu.)
  3.  While you were playing, I was working. (O oynarken, ben çalışıyordum.)
  4. I had many problems When I was a teenager. ( Ben ergenken, bir sürü problemim vardı.)
  5. I was running When I fell. ( Koşarken, düştüm)
  6. I was eating dinner When Ali called. ( Akşam yemeğimi yiyiyorken, Ali aradı.)
  7. My alarm rang While I was sleeping. ( Uyurken, alarmım çaldı.)
  8. While he was working, he often listened to music. ( O çalışırken, sıklıkla müzik dinlerdi.)
  9. While she was watching tv, I was studying. ( O televizyon izlerken, ben ders çalışırdım.)

  1. You are free tonight, aren't you?
  2. You studied yesterday, didn't you?
  3. We will watch a film, Won't we ?
  4. I am right, Aren't I ?
  5. The woman makes a hat, doesn't she?
  6. She is a very sweet girl, isn't she?
  7. You aren't kidding me, are you?
  8. Your father doesn't smoke very much, does he?
  9. You aren't afraid of dogs, are you?
  10. David doesn't live in Istanbul, does he?